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Why EE Business?

The UK Network with 4G in more places than any other

EE Business Partner

You want to know why you should choose EE? Check out these great facts about the UK’s leading mobile network for people that want data fast!

  • The UK’s first mobile 4G network for the fastest data speeds on the move
  • Fibre Broadband, delivering superfast speeds in the office or at home
  • The biggest 3G network in the UK*, giving coverage in more places
  • Choose one or more individual 4GEE phone plans, or 4GEE sharer plans
  • Pick the data your customers need
  • Choose the minutes and texts that your customers require
  • A film a week on us* until February 2013 for 4GEE customers
  • Get superfast internet at home or in the office with Fibre Broadband, plus customers get £5 off mobile bill when they take both from EE**

EE Business Benefits

There are plenty of perks available too for EE Business Customers – check out our EE Business Benefits!

  • Dedicated customer-service team based in the UK
  • Next-day replacement for any faulty phone†
  • Conference calling for up to 20 colleagues using existing allowance of minutes.
  • Free voicemail
  • HD Voice for clearer business calls (when both parties are using an HD Voice-compatible  phone)

Some of the reasons to get in touch with us today!

      • Bespoke business tariffs
      • FREE corporate mobile health check
      • Unbeatable Prices
      • Great customer services
      • Regular tariff reviews with your dedicated account manager
      • Latest handsets and hardware available
      • After hours service

For more information on our great EE Business Tariffs, speak to one of our experts today on 0121 366 8888.


Vodafone One Net Express

Vodafone One Net Express

For small businesses, Being Ready means having a virtual landline on your mobile.

With One Net Express, your virtual landline numbers ring on your mobile, meaning you’re not tied to your office and you can run your business from wherever you need to be.

You can be highly responsive, sending calls to more than one phone with hunt groups, or use our ‘virtual secretary’ to automatically direct customers to the right part of your business. And all on a single monthly bill.

You can add One Net Express on to any business mobile plan from just £10 a month.



  • Virtual landline

    A virtual landline

    Get the benefits of a landline on your mobile. Keep your existing landline numbers or set up new ones, and answer calls to your office wherever you are in the field.

  • Business Locations

    Business in more locations

    Expand your business into new areas without the costs and risks of taking on new premises. Create virtual landline numbers with different area codes and bring in new customers looking for a local service.

  • Virtual Secretary icon

    A virtual secretary

    With auto-attendant – our ‘virtual secretary’ – calls can be automatically directed to different parts of your business to ensure your customers speak to the right person first time, every time.

  • On Hold-Music icon

    On-hold music

    One Net Express has on-hold music, so your business can present a professional image and ensure callers know they’ve not been cut off or forgotten. This will play whenever customers are in a queue or put on hold.

  • Catch Calls icon

    Catch every call

    Answer calls faster with the hunt group feature. When a call comes in, anyone in the group can pick it up. You can set their phones to ring simultaneously or one after another until the call is answered.

  • One voicemail icon

    One central voicemail

    Share a single voicemail box for all your numbers. Any messages can be retrieved – and acted on – by anyone in the company, meaning no call is ever truly missed.

  • Clear Identity icon

    A clear identity

    Choose whether to display your mobile or virtual landline number when you make calls. Set this up for all calls or on a call-by-call basis and ensure customers see the right number every time.

  •  One unified bill

    One provider, one bill

    Save time and money on multiple lines and services on a single monthly bill. There’s no need to use multiple providers, and calls between your company mobiles are included.

  •  An app to keep you in control

    An app to keep you in control

    Control and configure your settings with the One Net Express app. You can update hunt groups, change your disturb or divert settings and update your Caller ID, all on the go.





  • Support icon

    Get our full support

    From helping to configure your hunt groups and other features, to advice on the best ways to use One Net Express, we can make it easier for your business to grow and stay competitive.


Why Vodafone?

Ready means having the right communications solution to deliver value to your own customers, with the right advice and support, when and where you need it. As a Vodafone Approved Partner we have been rigorously selected to offer you a rich network of products and services in order to help your business do more. We offer local, specialised expertise, capability, solutions and services. 

VF Approved partner

Being Ready means having the right network, and the right telecoms partner, to make your communications as good as they can possibly be.

Vodafone are committed to offering the best network services for all customers. The Vodafone network already supports 82% of FTSE 100 companies and 77% of UK emergency services, and continues to invest millions each year to ensure resilience for customers. And with a wide range of services and solutions – from secure mobile apps to a tried-and-tested strategic transformation programme – Vodafone can help ensure your organisation is ready for anything.

Looking for a reliable network?

Stay in touch - with the network your business can rely on.

Reliable - don't let your phone company hold your business back. Trust the first 2G and 3G network to meet the British Standard for business continuity

New ways of working - discover the power of mobile working.

Why choose us?

By choosing DMV Communications based in Birmingham as your approved Vodafone Partner you can speak to an expert who will take the time to review your business needs and identify the right solution to suit your needs, as well as providing access to exclusive offers frequently available. Our team of experts are able to provide support and advice primarily to businesses throughout the UK.

What makes Vodafone outstanding?

Over 99% population coverage.

Outstanding performance, trusted by over 70% of UK emergency services.

Investing millions to improve performance and customer experience.

Vodafone are committed to giving you a network you can depend on.

The fastest and most reliable connections

Vodafone awards and achievements

Vodafone Award Winner June 2010 - Vodafone Sure Signal was recognised as the "Most Innovative

Channel Product" (Mobility Solution) in the Comms Business Awards.

June 2010 - Voted the best Network in the Mobile Industry Awards.

March 2010 - Vodafone wins UK Best Network at Mobile News Awards 2010.

February 2010 - Vodafone named fastest mobile internet browsing network in the UK.

Contact DMV for more information - Tel: 0121 366 8888

Call back URL

Callback URL plugin

Callback URL plugin allows you to forward incoming SMS message to a defined URL address. If the plugin is enabled, on each incoming SMS message SMSEagle will trigger HTTP request to the given URL. HTTP request can be of type GET or POST and it will contain the following parameters:

sender: SMS sender number timestamp: Timestamp of the message in the following format YYYYmmddHHiiss (example: 20140531092257) text: Content of the SMS message msgid: SMSEagle message id apikey (optional): Value defined in plugin settings

Request string example for HTTP GET: ?sender=48601123123&timestamp=20140531092257&msgid=431&text=This+is+an+incoming+message After sending HTTP GET/POST request to your callback URL, SMSEagle will be expecting HTTP response: 200 [OK]

If other or no response is received from your callback url, SMSEagle will keep retrying for 24 hours.

callback maly

Plugin configuration

  • If you want to use the plugin, set ‘Enable callback’ to ‘Yes’
  • ‘URL’ field defines remote address of your callback script
  • With ‘URL method’ you can choose whether callback to your url will be done with HTTP GET or POST method
  • Optionally you can define API key value. This will be passed to your callback url in parameter ‘apikey’. If you leave the field blank, ‘apikey’ parameter will not be passed to your callback url
  • ‘Test URL’ button allows to test whether your Callback URL configuration is correct. SMSEagle will make a callback request with test parameters and will verify the response of remote server

Email to SMS

Email To SMS plugin

Email To SMS plugin allows you to convert an email to SMS message.


If the plugin is enabled, email sent to the email address:

will be converted to SMS message.

PHONE_NUMBER is a destination phone number

IP_ADDRESS_OF_SMSEAGLE is the IP address of your device.
The text of the email is the text of the SMS message (optionally you can append email subject at the beginning of SMS message).

Example: email message sent to the address: [email protected] will be converted to SMS message and delivered to phone number 123456789.


This feature is available in software version 2.5 and higher. Email sent to the email address:

will be converted to SMS message and will be sent to a user or users group from SMSEagle’s phonebook.

NAME_IN_PHONEBOOK is a username or group name (must be a public group) from SMSEagle’s phonebook

 is the IP address of your device.
The text of the email is the text of the SMS message (optionally you can append email subject at the beginning of SMS message).

Example: email message sent to the address: [email protected] will be converted to SMS message and delivered to all members of db-admin group. The db-admin group must be defined in your SMSEagle phonebook.


It is also possible to use Fully Qualified Domain Name in an email address sent to SMSEagle box (eg.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Plugin configuration

  • if you want to use the plugin, set ‘Email2sms active’ to ‘Yes’
  • if you want to include a subject of an email in SMS message, set ‘What to do with email subject’ setting to ‘Include in SMS’. The email subject will be appended at the beginning of SMS message
  • if you want to use user authentication, set ‘What to do with email subject’ setting to ‘Use for authentication’. If user authentication is enabled, provide in a subject of an email your login and password in the following form: login=john&pass=doe
  • the text of an email will be cropped to the value ‘Maximum number of characters’. Maximum allowed length of SMS message is 1300 characters.


SMS To Email plugin

SMS To Email plugin allows you to forward your SMS messages to email address. It forwards all the incoming messages to one constant email address. Plugin uses an external SMTP server for sending emails.

Plugin configuration

  • if you want to use the plugin, set ‘Enable forwarding to email’ to ‘Yes’
  • please enter an email address to which all the incoming SMS messages are to sent
  • please enter your SMTP configuration


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