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Callback URL plugin

Callback URL plugin allows you to forward incoming SMS message to a defined URL address. If the plugin is enabled, on each incoming SMS message SMSEagle will trigger HTTP request to the given URL. HTTP request can be of type GET or POST and it will contain the following parameters:

sender: SMS sender number timestamp: Timestamp of the message in the following format YYYYmmddHHiiss (example: 20140531092257) text: Content of the SMS message msgid: SMSEagle message id apikey (optional): Value defined in plugin settings

Request string example for HTTP GET: ?sender=48601123123&timestamp=20140531092257&msgid=431&text=This+is+an+incoming+message After sending HTTP GET/POST request to your callback URL, SMSEagle will be expecting HTTP response: 200 [OK]

If other or no response is received from your callback url, SMSEagle will keep retrying for 24 hours.

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Plugin configuration

  • If you want to use the plugin, set ‘Enable callback’ to ‘Yes’
  • ‘URL’ field defines remote address of your callback script
  • With ‘URL method’ you can choose whether callback to your url will be done with HTTP GET or POST method
  • Optionally you can define API key value. This will be passed to your callback url in parameter ‘apikey’. If you leave the field blank, ‘apikey’ parameter will not be passed to your callback url
  • ‘Test URL’ button allows to test whether your Callback URL configuration is correct. SMSEagle will make a callback request with test parameters and will verify the response of remote server


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