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Virtual Landline

When you're starting out, or running a micro-business, using a mobile phone or home landline as your business phone number is common practise.

But most businesses eventually outgrow this setup and need something more professional and fit for purpose.

You`re probably wary of committing to a service that could land you with a big monthly bill or tie you in for 12 - 24 months.

Thats why we offer you a flexible service with no tie-ins and completely transparent pricing structure.

We call this service Virtual Landline and its perfect for homeworkers, individuals working out of serviced offices or people who need flexibility to work from multiple locations whilst still being able to recieve calls on their business number. It works just like a normal landline, you make and recieve calls just the same but the phone plugs into your broadband connection instead of your normal phone socket.

If there`s more than one of you working for your business then you should also check out to see how a Hosted PBX System could help you.

Why choose DMV Communications for your phone service?

  • Professional Image - A unique business telephone number with the right geographic or 08 prefix gives your business a much more professional image than working from a mobile or home phone.
  • Good for Growth - Our easily adaptable service will suit your changing needs as your business grows.

  • Flexibility - Work from any location on the same phone number.
  • Easy Setup - No waiting in for an engineer to call. Everything is set up remotely.
  • Simple to Use - Forward your phone to another landline or mobile phone at the click of a mouse.
  • Good Support - If you need help with your service our expert staff are happy to take your call.
  • Save Money - Keep your bills low with our highly competitive prices.
  • Simple Pricing - Our pricing structure is totally transparent, so you’re always clear on what you have to pay. There are no hidden extras.


SIP is an acronym for Session Initiation Protocol. This might not mean much to you at the moment. however it is one of the most rapidly growing technologies in telephony replacing ISDN2 and ISDN30 technologies.

We are experts in SIP;and a leading UK SIP Trunk provider DMV: Guaranteed Business SIP Trunk & SIP Trunking services for Business SIP Phone Systems.

Key reasons to use DMV SIP Trunk services:

  • Save over £3,000.00 per year compared with ISDN30e Rental
  • Save over £1,500.00 on ISDN30e Installation.
  • Guaranteed call quality - via DMV Ethernet or DSL
  • Keep existing phone numbers, or new UK numbers
  • Best value calls - giving you even more cost savings
  • Ideal for all DR requirements

For further information about how DMV can get SIP trunking working for you please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call DMV now on 0121 366 8888. We provide UNLIMITED FREE SIP TRUNKS please contact us on this time limited offer.

Business  SIP Trunking and VoIP services

SIP Trunking allows business customers to lower costs, increase resilience with a Disaster Recover strategy, improve flexibility and use multiple new and existing phone numbers anywhere in the UK.

DMV SIP Trunks are a genuine alternative to ISDN30e – with us providing a managed service covering the IP connectivity, SIP Trunks and number management – exactly the same as with ISDN30e. We take responsibility from day one for delivering a robust business class SIP Trunking solution.

Benefits of DMV SIP Trunks:

  • Up to 50% cheaper than BT ISDN30e – Rental and Connection.
  • Ideal for use with DMV Ethernet Circuits.
  • Shared voice and data circuits will save even more money.
  • Keep your phone numbers when moving – to anywhere in the UK!
  • New phone numbers from any UK dialling code, or use numbers from multiple UK dialling codes – regardless of your location.
  • Porting of BT numbers as well as our own UK-wide number ranges.
  • Multi level Disaster Recovery and Resilience options.
  • Proven interoperability with 3CX, AudioCodes, AsteriskNow, Avaya, Beronet, Cisco, Draytek, Epygi, IP Cortex, Panasonic, Patton, Sark, snom, Switchvox, , Trixbox, Vega Stream and more.
  • Significant savings on  phone calls.


What is SIP?

A SIP Trunk is a facility provided by DMV that allows the placing of outbound calls and the receiving of inbound calls using an internet connection, rather than using an ISDN line. Calls to and from the PSTN are supported. They are fast becoming the standard technology that allows businesses to make and receive telephone calls without the need for an expensive ISDN circuit. The Quality of Service (QoS) has contributed to its increasingly widespread adoption. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used to set-up and 'tear-down' telephone calls over IP networks, including the internet. It is this VoIP protocol that is most widely supported by modern devices, including IP-enabled PBXs

Why use it?

Having separate voice & data networks is a legacy from the technology used for voice and how data connectivity has grown to provide huge amounts of throughput for everyday communication. The switch from voice networks carrying data, to data carrying voice is a reconvergence of data after a 20 year split. As the withdrawal of ISDN has been announced, voice networks move more and more towards SIP. We began this move 5 years ago, as it appeared obvious that true convergence was always going to happen. voice & data convergence reduce cost and enables better functionality, bringing modern day flexibility to voice.

How can I guarantee call quality?

The key to call quality is that every single IP data packet, with it’s millisecond’s worth of conversation, arrives in the correct order and without any delay, so every packet arrives after the previous one, in a constant stream. To ensure this happens 100% of the time you need an Internet connection that has guarantees covering both up time/availability and quality, in terms of packet loss (packets never arrive), jitter (varying time delay between packets) and delay (how long each packet takes to be delivered). A key issue is that the Internet Service provider (providing your Internet connectivity) cannot guarantee that your traffic will be forwarded onto your ITSP (providing the SIP Trunks) without further delays, the data may be passing through multiple networks before it gets to your ITSP. Even if interconnects are in place, these may change and your service may suddenly deteriorate. Using an ITSP that is also an ISP (Internet Service Provider), such as DMV, means that the data packets are delivered directly to the voice network and assembled as a telephone call without any extra delay – this guarantees that you have a single provider who, with the right circuit, can guarantee call quality and ensure ISDN30e call quality.

Numbers - UK & International

DMV has millions of UK numbers covering the whole of Great Britain. All ready to instantly provision and commission onto your PBX. Need international numbers? They can also be ordered on our portal and delivered by SIP.

Number Provision & Number Porting

DMV have our own  numbers allocated on all UK dialing codes – allowing you to have the dialing code you require. Again, this gives us control over your numbers, rather than relying on a 3rd party as many smaller ITSPs have to do. In addition to this, any BT number, and numbers from many other providers can also be ported to our network – allowing you to retain your current phone number when moving premises. One of the great advantages of SIP Trunking is the ability to have numbers from any dialing code delivered to your office – regardless of it’s location.  You can therefore have a mixture of London and Glasgow numbers delivered to an office in Birmingham – as well as local numbers – ideal if you want to give a local presence to your business.

Moving location or just want to move to SIP? You can keep all your numbers which will be moved over to DMV. We realise your numbers are important to you, so a dedicated provisioning team look after the process.


Allowing all types of communication; voice, data & video to use the same network has been around for many years. The efficiencies can be great, but it must be integrated correctly. DMV have a strong background in converging your network.

Fraud & Threat Detection

Every time your PBX registers, we scan your system for threats. We are trying to find security threats before hackers do. Coupling threat and fraud detection provides an outstanding level of comfort.

Vital for any business with call traffic due to the risk of fraudulent activity within the industry which is not just limited to SIP. Fraud is not new to the telecoms industry but DMV`s approach to managing the risk of fraud is. Included in the price of a SIP Trunk are two of the best methods in operation in the market today. We haven't eradicated fraud but we have provided piece of mind that should you be the target of fraud your DMV account will warn you and automatically be suspended.

Backup Options

SIP is ideal as a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution , with multiple levels of resilience. The first level of resilience is the ability for SIP calls to be routed to a different IP address, i.e. a back up Internet circuit, or a circuit at another location. The second level of resilience is to be able to divert calls to a back up ISDN30e or local telephone numbers – this can be done on a DDI to DDI basis. Most users will not even know there is a failure. As an alternative, or if you don’t have back up lines on site we can forward calls to multiple external numbers, again this can be done on a number by number basis, do individual DDIs can route to home or mobile numbers on a person by person basis. This is ideal if you are concerned about your main site being inaccessible or inoperative. Any number on the DMV network can be forwarded to any other location – as long as it is connected via a SIP Trunk or a normal telephone line. This DR flexibility is just not available with ISDN30e - please discuss with us your requirements and we will construct a DR plan that suits you.

Auto Failover & Disaster Recovery

If your PBX doesn't respond or register regularly DMV will automatically route the call to an alternative number landline, mobile or PBX. If the customer has 100 DDI numbers DMV can route each individual number to a different number. Find out that your PBX is down before your customers do. Monitoring and recovering from a number of voice issues can easily be setup on the DMV portal.


The core network supports T.38 fax protocol to end user devices. If you need to use T.38 please let us know and we will enable the configuration for you at no extra charge. If your PBX does not support T.38 you may experience problems sending and receiving faxes over VoIP lines. DMV are able to offer a Fax2email service which will allow you to receive faxes direct to your email inbox.

Call Recording

All in and outbound calls are recorded, saving the expense of on-site call recording equipment. Once your lines have been added to the recording, you will be provided with portal account to access all recording and down load when and if required. Simple and easy to administer and use.

Hosted VoIP

Many businesses are realising that instead of tying up capital in an office telephone system they can get an equivalent (or in many cases superior) set of facilities by taking advantage of DMV's latest business grade, Voice over IP (VoIP), network-based, next generation telephone service.

A hosted telephony service is a revolutionary way to deliver the facilities you need from an office phone system, without the capital outlay, ongoing maintenance or support challenges of a system located on your site(s).

Do not confuse this business oriented VoIP service with consumer brands like Skype. Our Hosted VoIP service is optimised for businesses like yours.

Our service provides a considerable range of both simple and advanced business features delivered over a data network connection to centralised servers, remotely hosted in dedicated data centres. The flexibility and major financial, business and technical benefits make this an option you shouldn’t ignore.

Top benefits:

  • Reduced costs – next to no capital outlay, no maintenance, no upgrade charges
  • Predictable pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Highly reliable with disaster recovery built in
  • Huge range of features that users can manage themselves
  • Multi-sited organisations can act as a single entity with one numbering plan and with all their inter site calls being totally free of the usual per minute charges
  • Particularly effective for serving home and remote workers so that they benefit from the full set of features of your phone system

Save up to 70% of the cost of a new phone system

In today's market you need the right phone system for your business. DMV Communicator is an award winning Hosted Phone System.

  • Flexible – increase & decrease Hosted PBX extensions as required
  • Cost effective – up to 70% cheaper than many other phone systems
  • Run your business from anywhere – free calls between sites
  • From only £6.00 per month per extension


For further information about how DMV can get SIP Communicator working for your business please call 0121 366 8888 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Why Hosted Telephony?

These days your business telephone system needs to be cost-effective and flexible. With DMV’s award winning Hosted PBX, DMV Communicator, you can scale handsets up or down as you need them and with voicemail, call forwarding and free site to site calls all included, its ideal for start ups, growing businesses and multiple locations.

Cloud based hosted telephony is provisioned and accessed via the internet enabling you, via a web based portal, to easily manage and configure the IP-based telephony solution according to your needs. As a result, straightforwardly adapting to demand and connecting users with free internal calls.

With business features such as call forwarding, music on hold or having the phone answered by an automated attendant presents a professional and customer friendly manner, meaning you can offer a voice service that customers expect.

DMV offers a variety of packages that meet your individual work environments and value points. We understand that the phone in the warehouse doesn’t need the same capabilities as an on-the-go worker, and should not cost the same. However, if you need to change in a few months – our hosted service allows you to adjust as your needs change.

Best of all, it’s less than half the cost of many other systems.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Low set up costs up to 70% cheaper than a normal phone system
  • Hosted phone systems are extremely flexible and easy to manage
  • Incoming calls can be routed to any location with a hosted PBX handset
  • All extensions on the system can call each other free of charge - regardless of geographic location.
  • Hosted phone system extensions can be at different sites but act as one single system
  • Fantastic range of business features
  • Hosted PBX systems are self-install systems - very easy for users to connect by themselves
  • Increase or decrease the number of extensions as required

Why DMV Communicator?

DMV Communicator is an award winning business hosted telephone system designed for use by small and medium businesses who need flexible and cost effective communications at a fraction of the cost of a business telephone system, thanks to hosted VoIP technology.

Whereas typically even a small telephone system can cost thousands of pounds. The only capital expenditure with DMV Communicator is the cost of the phones, maybe a Power over Ethernet switch, and a small remote project management/configuration fee. The initial equipment and engineering cost compared with a telephone system is a reduction of 75%.

Some of the key benefits are listed below

Greater Flexibility

  • Employees can work from anywhere and get advanced features as if they were in the office. With hosted PBX you can integrate multiple offices and multiple extensions supported and performing as a single system while still offering a centralised solution.

Increasing Mobility:

  • Having one number allows you to simplify and enhance the comms experience, whether at the desk or not. Calls are routed wherever you are and to any device making it easy to work and interact efficiently regardless of your location.

Unified Communications:

  • Bring everyone together with Instant Messaging, presence & conferencing to share information and get decisions made. Easily make and receive audio and video calls using your mobile devices.


  • Grow or shrink the number of extensions as required. Expand as you need without the massive Capex investment of a new PBX - it’s possible to have 10 users one month and 100 the next. And, only pay for what you use.

Easy to Control:

  • Immediate and simple set up gets you up and running much quicker than a traditional phone system. A simple, intuitive, user-friendly portal can be easily managed, monitord and quickly tailored with features required at any time.

Plug & Play:

  • Works right out of the box. We pre-configure the handsets for you, meaning your phones will work from the moment you get them, no fiddly configuration needed. As soon as you're ready users just simply need to plug their phone into the network.


  • Get all the features and functionality expected from a traditional telephone system plus unified communications features; instant messaging presence & conferencing.

Business Continuity:

  • Even in the event of disruption or disaster you don’t have to miss a call. Calls can immediately be re-routed to any other location, backup site or phone ensuring its business as usual.

Enhanced Customer Service:

  • Offer the highest call experience for all callers. Select where incoming calls, after-hours and overflow calls go and how they’re received. Never miss a call and connect customers to the right person and/or department with ease and speed.

Stay Connected:

  • Increase your availability wherever you are. Receive voicemail on any device so if you do miss that important call, you can collect the voicemail straight away. Easily see who the message's from, easily read and reply immediately all without having to pick up the phone. Send and get instant messages whether you’re on a call or not.


  • With years of experience in VoIP we know reliability is key. Connectivity is paramount to the success of deploying a hosted application no matter if it’s for a single user or large office. Spread across secure, data centres facilitating no single point of failure within the network ensures highest levels of reliability and robust protection.

Significant Cost Savings:

  • Low set up costs and with no on-site equipment needed means there’s no hefty initial investments or on-going maintenance or upgrade costs. A licence is provided per user and not per device enabling you to use what device you want to, when you want to. Plus, get free calls between employees across the DMV network. If you want to lower your costs further move to SIP.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband

DMV gives you access to work files, email and the Internet when you’re out of the office with our Mobile Broadband for Business package.  The ‘plug and play’ simplicity of our USB modem means installation is quick and easy. You’ll be online in just a few minutes with no software to install.


Our Hosted voice over ip service is a feature rich, cost effective solution, ideal for small to enterprise businesses looking to benefit from standard to advanced telephony features a true IP communication solution with a lower cost of ownership, through centralised web based management with available options such as true mobility and computer integration. 

DMV’s innovative technology delivers seamless Unified Communications features – without hype and complications! DMV provides users with a complete suite of Unified Communications features to satisfy their every need from seeing the presence of their colleagues, to instant messaging and web conferencing.

See Presence of Colleagues – From Anywhere

A big Unified Communications feature in DMV Phone System is presence. View presence of colleagues from anywhere – and eliminate expensive telephone bills or unnecessary call transfers that might annoy customers. Presence information is available in all clients - Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and from anywhere, be it in the office or out of the office. See the presence information of colleagues located in other offices around the world too (requires the Pro edition).

Deliver Faxes & Voicemail to Inbox

THe phone system will record voice mails and forward them to the users’ inbox, allowing them to listen to voicemail without having to call in. Likewise, faxes are received and forwarded to the user as PDF files. Unified Messaging is achieved out of the box with without the need for additional software or configuration!

3CX includes Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Includes a full text messaging functionality. Allow employees to communicate together via text chat, without the need to rely on third party internet messaging systems that can be difficult to manage and cause productivity issues. users can send and receive text messages via the Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android clients!

One Number – Use Your Office Extension Anywhere

Clients for all popular platforms allow you to make calls from anywhere and with any device, delivering the one number concept. Now customers can reach you wherever you are on your office phone number, based on rule sets that you can configure, and you do not have to give out your mobile number any longer.

Integrate Communications with CRM

Unify your phone communications with CRM. Inbound and outbound calls and call duration are journaled automatically in your CRM system. Generate insightful reports on customer and agent activity without the need for manual call logging.

Get a Customer Name Rather than a Number

Link our Phone System to your customer database and have caller IDs automatically resolved to a customer name. Agents will save time identifying the customer, improving productivity whilst reducing wait time for the customer. Import customer names to the Company Phonebook or alternatively link our phone system to your customer database in Microsoft Exchange, LDAP or SQL (requires Pro edition).


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