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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Business mobility is complicated, and becoming more so. Within just a few years, we can expect to see billions of new, connected devices, ‘things’ and IoT endpoints. Market-leading companies  are embracing this new technology to help reinvent their business. SOTI MobiControl delivers >management and security for these new mobile devices, sensors and endpoints, as well as their applications and back-end systems. It takes mobility to endless possibilities, and frees your workforce to transform your business. soti bluetablogo

DMV Communications have partnered with SOTI to provide businesses a solution to manage mobile devices and their applications, content and security. It doesnt matter what make, model or operating system, DMV take the complexity out of mobility management.

SOTI is a proven innovator and industry leader for mobility and IoT management. Globally, over 17,000 companies depend on SOTI to enable their strategies for mobile devices, applications, content, as well as endpoints for the Internet of Things. SOTI’s extensive vertical experience provides unparalleled insight into each company’s unique business needs. Strong relationships with mobile technology and IoT partners around the world gives SOTI advanced knowledge of new technologies and cutting-edge business solutions. SOTI’s commitment to innovation ensures your business is one step ahead with the solutions you need to take mobility to endless possibilities.


SOTI MobiControl

Advanced Mobility Management


Express Enrollment
Manage your mobile users easier

SmartPeripherals  Management of Smart Peripherals and IoT Endpoints
Eliminated Business Mobility Complexity

Remote Control
Real time remote support

 MobileContent Mobile Content Management
Secure access to corporate content
RapidStaging Rapid Staging and Provisioning
Get your users up and running faster
AdvancedSecurity Advanced Security Management
Keep your Devices Safe and Secure

Features & Benefits

    Key Features:
 Deployment Rapid Deployment and Provisioning:

SOTI makes it easy for IT administrators to streamline large deployments of
mobile devices. Each device is automatically configured with the required
account settings, apps, content and VPN settings. IT staff never need to
touch the device.

  • Apple DEP
  • Google Android
  • NFC bump provisioning
  • SOTI stage
  • Zebra StageNow
 EnterpriseIntegration Enterprise Integration:

With SOTI MobiControl, sensitive company information residing on a mobile
device is as secure as if it was on a workstation back at the office. The
advanced security features and policies in SOTI MobiControl maintain PCI,
SOX and HIPAA compliance.

  • Identity access management
  • Single Sign-on support (SSO)
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Integration with Cisco ISE and network access controllers (NACs)
 RemoteSupport Remote Support:

SOTI MobiControl includes industry-leading remote view and remote
control, making it easy for IT administrators to communicate, diagnose and
solve device problems with remote users.

  • Remote Control
  • 2-way chat
  • Real time view of device health information
 ApplicationManagement Application Management:

SOTI delivers the right application to the right employee on the right device;
quickly and securely. Enterprise app stores lets users know what corporate
apps are available, and silent app installation keeps mobile workers up-todate
and productive without interrupting their work.

  • Enterprise app store
  • Integration with Apple VPP & Google Play StorePackage deployment
  • Wipe apps
  • Whitelist/ Blacklist apps

Content Management:

SOTI MobiControl enables IT administrators to set rules for who sees what
documents and what they are allowed to do with them. It keeps tight
control over valuable corporate content, while enabling mobile workers to
stay productive while they are on the road.
  • Containerise content
  • Data loss protection
  • Integrate with file shares on premise and in the cloud
  • Push files to devices


SOTI MobiControl lets IT administrators control exactly what can, and
cannot be installed, preventing rogue applications and malware.
SOTI MobiControl protects mobile device assets, keeps corporate
content private, reduces risk and eliminates worker downtime.

  • Passcode & Encryption
  • Antivirus / Malware Protection
  • Rooting / Jailbreak protection
  • Compliance and monitoring

Device Management:

SOTI MobiControl goes beyond the management of smartphones, tablets
and laptops, and allows enterprises to manage virtually any device such as,
rugged devices, kiosks, PoS devices and IoT devices. SOTI MobiControl can
manage devices from over 140 different device manufacturers, providing
enterprises with true unified endpoint management (UEM).

  • Android Plus - Manage any version of Android on any device
  • OS updates
  • Geofencing and Location Services
  • Data Collection
  • Alert Rules

SOTI is a proven innovator and industry leader for simplifying business mobility and making it smarter, faster and more reliable. SOTI helps businesses around the world take mobility to endless possibilities.

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